Create clean and safe places for your employees and customers with our wide range of Disinfection Robots.

Create clean and safe places for your employees and customers with our wide range of Disinfection Robots.

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Disinfection sprays

Disinfection Robots are equipped with nozzles that spray release sanitizing mist achieving a deep cleaning at no risk of contaminating spaces or endangering the working conditions of staff.

Autonomous navigation or remote control via App

Our robots can scan a large room and move in an autonomous way or they can be led remotely using the high end robotic remote control App Clients and Employees’ health is best preserved through either of these options.

Sprays at 0, 45 and 90º angles

The direction of dispersion can be configured to 0 º, 45 º, or 90 º angles, in order to concentrate the spread of the sanitizing product where we consider it more efficient.

Disinfection with UV light

Our two UV Disinfection Robots, Servobot Sanitary UV and Sanibot Maxi UV, are equipped with different ultraviolet lamps that allow 360 º cleaning. These robots are able to move autonomously although they can also be operated through the robotic remote control App.

Access control with temperature monitoring

Tokyo, our most advanced robot, now has embedded temperature detection capacity. This extends the long feature set of our flagship robot with a new capability. Tokyo’s features are geared to improve the safety and well being of your clients, visitors, and employees.

Sanitizing Robot Virus
Fog System

This system cleans, sanitizes, and perfumes the premises protecting all kinds of spaces. The fog drags suspended particles to the ground eliminating them from the air. It is 1 700 times more efficient than traditional sprayed solutions. The discharge of ultra-dense fog takes only a few seconds to work It can be triggered remotely, for example, at night from the App.

Autonomous robots for contact prevention

We also design all types of auxiliary and support robots, such as Servobot and Helperbot Maxi that move in a completely autonomous manner, thus eliminating direct contact between people as a method of preventing the spread of viruses. These robots are capable of recognizing spaces, remembering them, moving autonomously, avoiding obstacles thanks to their sensors, and can be handled remotely, carrying any type of element that we place on them. Thought their displays, they can show multiple types of information and emit sound messages.

Applications of our disinfection robots

Disinfection robots for schools

Disinfection robots for hospitals

Disinfection robots for the elderly

Disinfection robots for hotels

Disinfection robots for airports

Disinfection robots for train stations

Disinfection robots shops

Disinfection robots for retail

Disinfection robots for shopping centres

Disinfection robots for venues

Disinfection robots for public places

Disinfection robots for offices

Our Robots






Patrol and disinfect


  • Fixed routes: The robot can follow a predetermined route.

  • Disinfection functions: Sprays and disinfects while navigating.

  • Automatic charging: Once the work is finished, or the battery is low, the robot can auto-charge itself.

  • Voice broadcast: The robot can play different messages during work, or during predetermined tasks.

  • Obstacle avoidance:  Robot sensors can detect obstacles and avoid them, or walk around.

  • Different spray nozzles for different angels of spraying.

  • Disinfectant volume: 30 liters.

  • Spray distance: 2 to 6 meters.

Disinfection with UV light



Auxiliary or support robots



Temperature Measurement

Stand model

Desktop or Display model

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