Pass Management Temperature Robots

Place our Pass Management Temperature Robots and safely and reliably measure the temperature of your customers, visitors and employees.

Place our Pass Management Temperature Robots and safely and reliably measure the temperature of your customers, visitors and employees.

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Temperature and Mask Pass Control systems will help you keep your business safe from people with fever, without masks as well as strangers. This Pass Management Robot with built-in Artificial Intelligence cameras will help you create safe environments for your employees and visitors alike. The Fever Control Kit can monitor people’s temperature and as an option, can also control mask usage as well as to detect strangers. The device can store up to 30,000 faces. 

An alarm will sound in case of noncompliance and the system can be connected to your access gate or current Pass Control System, as well as to a Remote PC so you can monitor all your devices in real-time. You can install several devices in your company, all centralized in one PC. The system is available as a desktop unit or can be equipped on an elegant floor stand.

Temperature measurement sensor

Our highly efficient robots are equipped with an infrared thermal sensor, which allows taking a person’s temperature accurately at a distance autonomously, thus avoiding contact. The thermal camera measures the temperature of the person regardless of whether they are wearing a face mask or not. These thermal sensors can be used as standalone devices or integrated as a feature to any of our existing robots.

alarm for body temperature abnormality

If a robot detects feverish temperature, it can be configured to automatically send a message (to security, the management, or health authorities) or issue an audible alarm signal. It can also screen access areas and alert if unauthorized strangers are attempting to enter. It can be configured to detect if feverish people or individuals without a face mask are trying to access as well.

Access control

Temperature Control Robots can be integrated into pre-existing access systems such as turnstiles or automated doors.

Facial Recognition

Its facial recognition system is able to properly screen and recognizes your clients, employees, and visitors. It is able of performing the facial recognition process successfully, regardless of whether the person is wearing a face mask or not.

Card reader

You can opt to include an RFID card reader to improve the efficiency of employee access.

Various models (full height stand or desktop)

There are different models to adapt to the entrance of your offices allowing you to choose between a full height stand or its desktop/wall-mounted counterparts.

Management System in the cloud

The Cloud based Monitoring System allows you to centrally manage different temperature control robots that can share a database of images and identity records of the people that attempt to access your premises.

Tokyo Sanitary with Temperature Measurement Sensor

Tokyo, our most advanced robot, now has embedded temperature detection capacity. This extends the long feature set of our flagship robot with a new capability. Tokyo’s features are geared to improve the safety and well being of your clients, visitors, and employees.

Sanitizing Robot Virus Fog System

This system cleans, sanitizes, and perfumes the premises protecting all kinds of spaces. The fog drags suspended particles to the ground eliminating them from the air. It is 1 700 times more efficient than traditional sprayed solutions. The discharge of ultra-dense fog takes only a few seconds to work It can be triggered remotely, for example, at night from the App.

Applications of our pass management temperature robots 

Pass management temperature robots for schools

Pass management temperature robots for hospitals

Pass management temperature robots for the elderly

Pass management temperature robots for hotels

Pass management temperature robots for airports

Pass management temperature robots for train stations

Pass management temperature robots shops

Pass  management temperature robots for retail

Pass management temperature robots for shopping centres

Pass management temperature robots for venues

Pass management temperature robots for public places

Pass management temperature robots for offices

Our Robots

Tokyo Sanitary

Stand model

Desktop or Display model



Management Temperature


  • Infrared temperature detection sensor.

  • Temperature accuracy of ± 0.5ºC.

  • Detection in seconds.

  • Camera with a facial recognition system.

  • Database of up to 30,000 faces.

  • Supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a mask.

  • Sending automated alerts.

  • Ability to integrate with automated gates systems.

  • RFID card reader.

  • 8″ inches Screen.

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